Today marks the start of the sale of the first “Wegovy” weight loss injections in Germany

The weight loss supplement “Wejofy” is causing a global sensation. After its launch in small European markets and the United States, the value of the manufacturing company, Novo Nordisk, reached its peak. Finally, the medication is available in Germany after a long-awaited period and is now accessible by prescription.

The Danish pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk, succeeded in successfully launching the “Vejovi” injection in Germany, thereby entering the large European market for the first time.

Commencement of Wijofy injections’ sale in Germany

Today, the first sale of Wegovy for weight loss begins in Germany

A company spokesperson reported that the first patients have received the medication from German pharmacies upon obtaining a medical prescription. The company had already announced the availability of “Wijovi” in Germany starting from the end of July.

Previously, the medication was available in the United States and other small European markets such as Denmark and Norway, although injections were much cheaper in Germany than in the United States, costing between 170 and over 300 euros per month during the treatment period. However, health insurance does not cover these costs.

The company, investors, and patients have high expectations for “Wijovi,” as Novo Nordisk’s stock price has doubled in the past two years, making it the second-highest valued European company after the French luxury goods group, LVMH.

“Wegovy” is considered a prescription medication for weight loss and weight maintenance. Patients can also administer the emulsified solution containing the active substance “semaglutide” using a pre-filled injection pen, similar to a marker, once a week under the skin in the abdomen, thigh, or upper arm.

Simaglutide simulates the effect of the hormone GLP-1 that exists in the body, as stated by Jens Aberle, the President of the German Obesity Association:

“A signal is given in the brain indicating that you are full.”

The medication is considered suitable for adults who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher, and consequently, suffer from obesity.

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