Traffic Disruption on A31 Highway in North Rhine-Westphalia: Restrictions to Continue Until 2024

The A31 highway in the NRW region, specifically near Gescher/Coesfeld, is set to experience several closures in the upcoming weeks and months.

The region will witness the most significant of these restrictions during the last weekend of August 2023, with a full closure of the road anticipated, followed by several other subsequent restrictions.

The A31 highway in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, is experiencing disruptions

Traffic Disruption on the A31 Highway in NRW: Continued Restrictions Until 2024

As announced by “Autobahn Westfalen,” the reason behind these closures on the A31 highway is due to renovation works. It was initially planned to completely close the road from the evening of Friday, August 25th, until the evening of Sunday, August 27th. However, this closure was postponed due to adverse weather conditions.

During this period, road renovation works will take place between the Gescher/Coesfeld and Borken areas, heading towards Oberhausen. Traffic will be diverted through the U72 secondary road.

Subsequently, renovation works will commence between Gescher/Coesfeld and Reken, where the Reken exit will be prepared for traffic towards Oberhausen on August 30th. The exits and entrances will be closed until September 3rd, after which the main renovation works will begin.

In the following weeks, renovation works will commence in the direction of Bottrop, and during this period, the rest area Gescher/Hochmoor will be closed.

It is worth noting that the works will continue until spring 2024, with the expectation that the road will be renovated in the direction of Emden and protective barriers will be replaced in November 2023.

In a different context, a federal road in NRW was recently closed due to a truck accident that led to beer bottles spilling onto the road.

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