UPM plans to close the Paperfabrik Blattling plant: jobs of more than 400 people at risk

UPM Communication Papers has announced its plans to close the Papierfabrik Plattling mill in Germany, affecting approximately 400 jobs.

The company said in a press release that this step aims to enhance the competitiveness of its operations and regulate the production of graphic paper according to profitable demand. They plan to reduce the annual production capacity of uncoated and coated paper by approximately 595,000 tons in Europe.

UPM shuts down the Papierfabrik Plattling factory

UPM intends to close its paper factory, Biberbrucke, putting over 400 jobs at risk

This implementation is expected to affect 401 individuals working at the Plating Factory, and it may also have implications for local service providers.

The consultation will be conducted with workers’ representatives in accordance with national laws, as UPM previously halted one of three paper machines in Plattling in 2019, affecting 160 employees.

This step represents a reduction in paper production by approximately 600,000 tons annually. The two machines in Plattling will be shut down by the end of 2023. This move is attributed to the declining demand for graphic paper over the past 15 years, a trend expected to continue in the future.

As the company’s production facilities in Germany also face significant challenges in securing safe, reliable, and competitive energy supplies.

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