What is “Ausbildung MFA” (Medical Assistant Training) in Germany and how can it be studied?

The profession of “Ausbildung MFA” (Medical Assistant Training) holds great value in Germany as they are seen as the right-hand support to physicians, providing assistance in medical settings. This places a significant responsibility on the individual towards their work.

Due to the vital nature of the medical assistant profession, it carries no room for any kind of error. Mistakes in this profession can have irreversible consequences, resulting in loss of lives or causing individuals lifelong injuries.

Therefore, if you have made your final decision to study this profession, it is important to learn and study all aspects of it thoroughly, leaving no room for doubt or error. This is what Almanypedia aims to provide.

What is the job of an Ausbildung Medizinische/r Fachangestellte/r (medical assistant) in Germany?

Vocational Training - Medical Assistant in Germany.

The medical assistant is considered the right hand of the physician and is responsible for carrying out all required procedures with precision and accuracy, leaving no room for doubt or error. During the performance of the job, several tasks are expected from you, including but not limited to the following:

  • Patient registration upon clinic entry when dealing with insurance programs.
  • Performing routine known tests.
  • The ability to collect blood samples from patients.
  • Having knowledge of specific treatment modalities as well as awareness of alternative options.
  • Providing assistance to patients at any time.
  • Assisting the physician in performing some minor surgical procedures.
  • Educating on how to prepare medical devices for their use in conducting examinations.

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The professional requirements necessary to work as a medical assistant in Germany.

There are a set of essential conditions that must be met if you decide to study “Medizinische Fachangestellte” (Medical Assistant) in Germany, as without fulfilling these requirements, you cannot enroll in this program. These requirements include the following:

  • Possession of a high school diploma or its equivalent is required for this certification.
  • The individual concerned must speak German fluently or have a minimum level of B2 proficiency in the language.
  • The applicant must not have any problems, especially with their vision.
  • It is necessary to have the ability to work within a team and adapt to a collaborative work environment.
  • The ability to handle work pressures effectively is essential.
  • Having the attribute of flexibility to deal well with patients is important.

The duration of studying Oberschulbildung for medical assistant in Germany

Studying Oberschulbildung as a medical assistant in Germany is considered both theoretical and practical. It typically takes about three years to complete, aiming to equip students with the necessary skills to effectively interact with patients and assist physicians in their work.

This study program opens up various job opportunities in different settings upon completion. Graduates can work in hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, and medical departments within companies.

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Study materials in Ausbildung MFA (Medical Assistant)

How much is the salary of a medical assistant in Germany?

There are several required subjects in the study of Ausbildung Medizinische/r Fachangestellte/r (Medical Assistant) in Germany that will help you understand the profession well and practice it in real-life situations. These subjects include:

  • Chemistry.
  • Biology.
  • Mathematics.
  • German language.

What is the salary of a medical assistant in Germany?

The salaries of medical assistants in Germany vary depending on their level of experience, including pre-graduation, during the three years of study, and post-graduation. However, what is the average salary of a medical assistant in Germany?

  • Salary of a medical assistant in Germany before graduation:

During the first year, a medical assistant receives a salary ranging from 700 euros to 720 euros per month. In the second year, the salary ranges from 740 euros to 760 euros per month, while in the third year, the salary ranges from 790 euros to 795 euros per month.

  • Salary of a medical assistant in Germany after graduation:

The salary of a medical assistant in Germany after graduation typically ranges from 1700 to 1800 euros per month. With increased years of experience, the salary can potentially reach up to 3000 euros.

How to apply for a medical assistant apprenticeship.

If you want to obtain an Ausbildung as a medical assistant in Germany, you need to apply for the profession by following the following steps:

  • Submitting your curriculum vitae (CV) to an institution or company can be done through the Ausbildung website via this link.
  • After obtaining approval from the relevant institution you registered with, if you are outside Germany, you can apply for a work visa to work in Germany.

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Ophthalmic Assistant Education

Salary - Assistant - Doctor - Dentist - in - Germany

Optician assistant is considered one of the specializations within the field of optician assistant training in Germany. These individuals undergo training on the latest medical devices in the field of ophthalmology. Their mission can be summarized as follows:

  • Recording the medical condition of patients and presenting it to the physician.
  • Organizing the examination room for the convenience of the physician’s tasks.
  • Organizing the examination room for the convenience of the physician’s tasks.

As for the duration of studying to become an optician assistant, it typically takes around three years. During this time, students receive theoretical and practical education to gain proficiency in providing assistance and support to ophthalmologists during patient examinations.

Assistant Gynecologist Training

Germany places great importance on the study of Assistant Gynecologist training in order to graduate a group of exceptional students capable of practicing their profession with precision and seriousness.

Students in Assistant Gynecologist training study a variety of theoretical and practical subjects, including field training in family medicine hospitals to provide care for women.

The tasks of a graduate of Ousbildung as a medical assistant in gynecology include the following:

  • Ladies’ clinic registration.
  • Providing assistance to the doctor during patient examinations.
  • Preparing the necessary medical equipment for a gynecological examination for use by the doctor.
  • Following and executing all doctor’s orders to ensure the well-being and preservation of women’s lives, especially pregnant women.

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Assistant Medical Anesthesia Training

Medical Assistant Surgeon Training in Germany

The training for Medical Assistant Surgeon Anesthesia in Germany focuses on providing students with a comprehensive understanding and mastery of essential skills necessary for their professional practice after graduation. These skills include:

  • Training students in anesthesia procedures.
  • Preparing analgesics for patients.
  • Monitoring respiratory devices during surgical procedures.
  • Documenting the anesthesia course during surgical procedures.
  • Ensuring the availability of sufficient anesthetics and analgesics in the operating room.

The duration of Medical Assistant Surgeon Anesthesia training typically ranges from three to five years, depending on the university and the designated credit hours system. The salary of a Medical Assistant Surgeon Anesthesia ranges from 2,881 euros to 3,621 euros per month.

Dental Assistant vocational training

Dental Assistant vocational training is considered an important profession in Germany, and one of the key specializations within dental assistant vocational training. Upon completion of the studies, the tasks of a dental assistant typically include the following:

  • Scheduling patient appointments according to their preferences and preparing dental treatment centers.
  • Providing guidance and counseling to patients, including the necessary description of treatments for them.
  • Performing dental cleaning and sterilization procedures.
  • Sterilizing the equipment used in dental treatments.
  • Performing some orthodontic and jaw alignment procedures.

After completing dental assistant vocational training, the working hours can range from 39 hours per week in some clinics, to 40 hours per week from Monday to Friday in other medical practices. Additionally, there may be emergency services provided twice a week.

The salary of a dental assistant in Germany varies based on their experience and qualifications. Before graduation, the salary for the first year ranges from 600 to 820 euros, while in the second year, it ranges from 650 to 870 euros. In the third year, the salary can reach up to 920 euros for a dental assistant in Germany.

However, after graduation, the salary of a dental assistant in Germany typically ranges between 1645 euros and 2101 euros per month, depending on the region and the type of vocational training.

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Surgical Assistant Education

Vocational Training - Dental Assistant - in Germany

The duration of studying to become a surgical assistant typically ranges from three to five years, during which they are trained on several important aspects, including the following:

  • Participating in the preparation and execution of surgical procedures.
  • Preparing patients for surgeries.
  • Assisting the surgeon during surgeries by providing them with the necessary instruments and materials.
  • Monitoring the patient’s respiration and circulation during the surgery.
  • Taking responsibility for maintaining cleanliness in the operating room.
  • Sterilizing the instruments and equipment used in surgeries.

The salary for a surgical assistant during the first year of training (Ouspbildung) ranges around 1141 euros per month, while in the second year, it is approximately 1202 euros. In the third year, it increases to around 1303 euros monthly. After graduation, the salary can range between 2881 euros and 3621 euros per month.

Cosmetic Assistant Education

Aesthetic Assistant is considered as one of the specializations in medical assisting in Germany. Upon completion of the studies, they become capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Caring for the body’s beauty through skincare, removing blemishes, hair, or other imperfections.
  • Using cosmetics and applying them, in addition to taking care of nails and eyelashes.
  • Selling cosmetics and body care products.

After graduating from “Ausbildung” as a cosmetic assistant, one becomes capable of working in beauty salons or dermatology clinics. The duration of the study program is up to three years.

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Pediatric Assistant Vocational Training

The duration of Pediatric Assistant vocational training ranges from three to five years, enabling individuals to become capable of providing care for children in healthcare centers. Subsequently, they become ready to work in hospitals, clinics, or childcare centers.

After completing Pediatric Assistant vocational training, graduates can expect to earn a monthly salary ranging from 2206 euros to 3209 euros. However, before graduation, they do not receive any salary at all due to training costs, including tuition fees, admission fees, and examination fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Assistant Training in Germany

What is the salary of a medical assistant in Germany?

The salary of a medical assistant in Germany typically ranges from 1700 to 1800 euros per month after graduation.

What is the difference between a medical assistant and a nurse?

A medical assistant has different responsibilities compared to a nurse. The medical assistant works as a key member of the medical team and performs a wide range of tasks under the supervision of a consulting physician or specialist. On the other hand, a nurse acts as an assistant to the physician.

What is the salary of a pharmacy assistant in Germany?

The salary of a pharmacy assistant in Germany can reach up to 2,989 euros per month.

How long is the study duration for dental assistant vocational training?

The study duration for dental assistant vocational training typically ranges from three to five years.

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