What is Ausbildung PKA in Germany? And what are the registration requirements?

“Berufsausbildung PKA” in Germany, or vocational training in pharmacy, is a professional study in the field of pharmacy. Vocational training is generally divided into practical or theoretical training, which is determined based on the specific area in which the training will be conducted.

The duration ranges from two to three and a half years, but what are its types, how can one enroll in it, and what is the difference between it and Ausbildung PTA?

What is Ausbildung in Germany?

Ausbildung PKA in Germany

It means vocational training In Germany, “Die duale Ausbildung” (Dual Vocational Training) is a standardized model aimed at preparing students and young individuals in general for various suitable professional occupations.

Students may directly begin their training after completing high school, industrial, technical, or any other qualifying school that enables them to obtain a training contract within the country.

Is the “Ausbildung” system in Germany similar to the vocational training system in Arab countries?

Vocational training in Germany is entirely different from the apprenticeship system in Arab countries, primarily due to the latter’s duration being only two years, which contrasts with the length of vocational training in Germany.

“In addition to a non-accredited certificate from various countries, unlike Ausbildung, which is recognized worldwide.”

Professional training also differs in that it is not solely based on theoretical aspects, as is the case with teaching inside institutes, but it also includes a practical component, which constitutes up to 60 percent of the overall study.

The difference between Ausbildung PKA and Ausbildung PTA

Pharmazeutisch-kaufmannischer Angestellter” or Pka is an abbreviation for “Pharmaceutical Commercial Employee.” It refers to a salesperson working in the pharmaceutical field, but its meaning is not literal in Germany.

In some Arab countries, especially Syria, it is commonly known as the person who sells medicines and remedies to customers or provides them with medical advice.

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In Germany, however, it means the person who manages warehouses and engages in wholesale trading of pharmaceuticals, and they are not allowed at all to sell medicines directly.

Ausbildung is considered a professional development program An abbreviation for the term “Pharmazeutisch-technischer Assistenein” which means Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant, where the work revolves around dispensing medical prescriptions, providing advice to customers, in addition to selling medications.

The training duration at Ausbildung PKA in Germany

Content: Study Ausbildung (vocational training) in Germany

Ausbildung PKA is considered a dual vocational training, combining theoretical training at a vocational school with practical on-the-job training. The duration of the training program extends up to a full 3 years.

This training aims to qualify all applicants to work in the field of pharmacy. The work involves managing and sorting the inventory of medicines or medical devices based on type, quantities, and prices.

Applicants are also trained on how to create invoices and record financial documents, in addition to their involvement in marketing matters. However, their work is far from selling medications and dealing with clients.

Available career fields after completing Ausbildung pka

After completing the designated three-year study period, Ausbildung pka enables the possibility of working in various places, including, for example, “pharmacies, laboratories, medical pharmaceutical trade companies, as well as medical pharmaceutical preparations laboratories.”

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The required certifications to apply for Ausbildung PKA

The German law does not specify a specific level of education required to apply for vocational training in the field of pharmacy, but this may vary from one place to another.

In some places, specific certificates are required in accordance with the specific workplace standards, while in other places, a high school diploma is considered more than sufficient for applying for the profession.

As for the theoretical study, it does not solely rely on teaching pharmaceutical-related subjects, but there are other subjects that are taught as well, including mathematics, chemistry, and the German language, depending on each university among the German universities.

How are students prepared in Ausbildung PKA in Germany?

Students in Ausbildung Pka are professionally trained in the field of pharmacy. They are prepared to handle work pressures and learn how to deal with computer programs to create invoices and handle financial matters. Additionally, they are taught how to store and organize medications, as well as regularly check their expiration dates.

It also provides training on acquiring knowledge about medications and their composition, in addition to the legal aspects that pharmacists must comply with.

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The necessary requirements for studying Ausbildung Pka and the application process

Duration of training in Ausbildung (Vocational Training) in Germany

In order to enroll in the Ausbildung (vocational training) program in Germany, certain conditions must be met, which include the following:

  1. Obtaining a high school diploma with a scientific specialization only.
  2. Mastering the German language at the B1 level.
  3. Obtaining a certificate of good conduct and behavior.
  4. Providing a medical certificate from a recognized doctor.
  5. Providing evidence of training in pharmacy or the healthcare sector.
  6. Please provide your resume, which contains all the necessary information.
  7. The motivational speech explains the reasons for joining the training and is presented to the institution where the training will be received.
  8. To access all the required documents, you can visit the Vocational Training website in Germany through this link.

What are the necessary conditions for working at PKA?

If you want to join Ausbildung PKA, there are certain conditions that must be met in addition to vocational training. These conditions are as follows:

  • Having various talents includes the ability to interact with clients effectively.
  • Providing customers with good advice, in addition to getting accustomed to making phone calls to order goods.
  • To have sufficient knowledge in how to handle scripts.
  • The certificate being presented is the high school diploma, so if you have it, there is no need to worry about the application.
  • If you have a “technical” high school diploma and an average grade, the study period can be reduced to just two and a half years.

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The content of the Ausbildung PKA study in Germany

The difference between Ausbildung PKA and Ausbildung PTA

Full-time training is provided at the vocational school, encompassing practical and theoretical subjects. Upon completion, a 6-month training period is conducted at a pharmacy to gain hands-on experience in a real-world setting. The subjects taught include the following:

Theoretical materials:

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chemistry.
  • Botany and medicines.
  • Hazardous Substances and Environmental Protection Science.
  • medical equipments.
  • Nutritional sciences and personal care sciences.
  • Physical and math equipment.
  • Pharmaceutical law and professional studies.

General materials:

  • German language.
  • english language.
  • Economy.

scientific articles:

  • Chemicals.
  • Pharmacy exercises.
  • Laboratory analyzes.
  • Exercises in pharmacology.

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Ausbildung PKA exams in Germany

After completing the basic training at Ausbildung PKA, the student proceeds to the exams, which consist of five oral tests, each lasting 30 minutes. These exams cover “Medical Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical Technology, or Biopharmacy, Pharmacology and Toxicology, in addition to Pharmaceutical Clinic.”

After completing the oral exams, the student proceeds to the practical year “PJ.” During this year, they work in a pharmacy for six months. In the remaining months, the student is free to choose their place of work.

What is the salary of a pharmacist in Germany?

The salary of a pharmacist in Germany varies between pre-graduation from Ausbildung (vocational training) and post-graduation. In the initial stage, their salary is as follows:

  • In the first year, the pharmacist’s salary reaches 708 euros, while the civil service salary is 968 euros.
  • In the second year, the pharmacist’s salary is 760 euros, while the public service salary is 1018 euros.
  • In the third year, a pharmacist’s salary is estimated at 813 euros, while the public service reaches 1064 euros.

After graduating from Ausbildung PKA:

The salary of a pharmacist ranges from 1961 euros to 2680 euros, depending on the province and the location of their professional training.

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What is the salary of a pharmacist in Germany?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ausbildung PKA

When does the Oktoberfest start in Germany?

Vocational training in Germany generally starts twice a year (on the 1st of September and 1st of April each year). However, the specific starting dates for individual companies are determined for their own apprenticeships.

Can you join the vocational training without knowing the language?

These jobs or vocational professions typically require a low level of training. Therefore, a school certificate is not a fundamental requirement for obtaining admission to further education.

What is the required language level for working in Germany?

One of the required documents for working in Germany is that the applicant must have a B1 level German language certificate.

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