What is Flohmarkt in Germany, and what are its types? How is it organized?

Germany is famous for its Flohmarkt markets, which offer a wide range of household goods, clothing, jewelry, and more at prices that are affordable for all citizens and lower than what is offered in large stores. It’s a great opportunity to get everything you want at a lower cost.

But what are the stock markets? What are their types, where are they located, and how are they regulated? This is what Almanypedia, dear reader, will present to you through this article.

What are the Flohmarkt markets in Germany?

flohmarkt Aaghen

Flohmarkt in Germany refers to flea markets, which literally translates to “market of fleas” in Arabic.

These markets originated from medieval France, specifically in the 18th century, as a response to the widespread poverty among people who couldn’t afford new clothes.

Based on that, a place was organized where used items are displayed for purchase at a nominal fee they can afford, but these items were not clean.

“These individuals who bought clothes found many fleas on them, and hence the market was named “Flea Market,” or in French, “Marche aux puces.”

These markets offer a wide variety of items, including household goods, jewelry, furniture, branded clothing, books, toys, accessories, as well as household tools, antiques, and handicrafts.

The Flohmarkt in Germany is considered a part of German culture, as it is a gathering place for friends or a family get-together where people enjoy light meals and drinks, and listen to some music performed by musicians from different nationalities.

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Accommodation places for Germany’s flea market “flohmarkt”

The popular markets (Flea markets) are held in major cities within the country on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year, except for days experiencing severe weather conditions such as heavy rainfall or thick snowfall.

In addition to launching nighttime markets accompanied by various artistic performances, in small towns and rural areas, the number of bazaars is limited. One of these markets is inaugurated in one of these regions:

  • Squares in front of municipal buildings
  • In some places with historical and cultural significance.
  • Parks and Public Gardens.

How can I find Flower markets?

Flomarkt Hamburg

When announcing the launch of a market in a German city, you will find numerous postings about the market’s date in schools and supermarkets.

In addition to some newspapers and magazines, or through the city’s administration, or through some websites that help you identify the nearest bazaar to your location. Some of these websites include:

  • Visit ‘Gelbeseiten.de’ by clicking on this link.
  • “Marktcom.de” through this link.
  • “Meine-flohmarkt-termine.de” through this link.
  • Visit “Flohmarktheld.de” by clicking here.

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Can prices be negotiated at Flomarkt markets in Germany?

The principle of bargaining among traders in markets is considered absent in Germany, unlike other countries, although it is available under the Unfair Competition Act.

In Flomarket, it is possible for the buyer to negotiate prices in order to acquire items at bargain prices.

The best time for shopping is at the beginning of these markets’ launch, as they offer products at symbolic prices to attract buyers. Also, towards the end of the day is opportune, as merchants do not wish to return with the goods and store them again.

What are the activities of flohmarkt markets?

Flou Market Germany

The Flohmarkt markets encompass a variety of diverse activities. It’s not limited to buying and selling products; rather, they showcase a part of German culture evident in the artifacts on display, dating back to pre-war, wartime, and post-war periods.

In addition to the artistic works that reflect that era, as well as the ancient local handicrafts that showcase the way of life at that time, there are also musical events and stalls offering food and drinks.

How can products be sold at Flohmarkt Germany?

If you want to sell some products at a flea market in Germany (Flohmarkt), you need to follow these steps:

  • Advance registration in the secondhand goods market and renting a space within it.
  • Contacting the person who organizes the market a few weeks before its launch for registration.
  • When registering, you must specify the area you want to rent and whether you would like to provide a table or bring your own.
  • The rental prices of places in the markets vary, with locations near the entrance and exit being less costly than those in the middle of the square.

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Flohmarkt Germany is an online flea market platform

Flomarkt Munich

The matter is not limited to the existence of used goods markets only in the physical world, but there are now these markets online, where all used products can be bought and sold electronically. One of the most important of these websites in Germany is:

  • Shpock through this link.
  • Ebay through the following link.
  • Ebay-Kleinanzeigen via this link.
  • Facebook, which recently launched a marketplace for used products from various countries.

One of the most famous markets for used goods in Germany

There are many markets in Germany that pride themselves on various distinctions such as being the largest market, the longest-running market, and others. However, some markets are the most famous in Germany, including the following:

  • Berlin Flomarkt am Mauerpark.
  • Frankfurt Flumarkt an Meneuver.
  • Munich night flea market.
  • Trimble Market in Nuremberg.
  • Hanover flea market in the old part of town.

Flohmarkt Types in Germany


There are many Flomarkt markets in Germany Flohmarkt is a seasonal market within the country, usually held in major cities, while in small villages, it is held more permanently but on a smaller scale. The types of markets include the following:

  • Flomarket for Kids:

This market includes children’s clothing, toys, and books, as well as baby strollers, high chairs, car seats, bicycles, and everything related to children.

As it enjoys great popularity within Germany, this is due to avoiding the high costs associated with children’s clothing, as they grow quickly. It is organized by schools, kindergartens, and youth centers.

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  • Philanthropy as Flourmark’s Contribution:

This type of market is launched as a charitable contribution for someone or something, as was the case in a German school where parents donated school books to this market, and all the proceeds went towards the school’s needs.

  • Flomarket for Similar Goods:

There are markets for used goods that sell a single type of similar items, such as books, dolls, antiques, and others.

The most popular used goods markets in Germany


Flu Market Germany enjoys a strong market presence flohmarkt With great popularity in Germany, not only for saving money but also for enjoying the general atmosphere or spending enjoyable time with friends, some of the most popular markets are as follows:

  • Used Goods Market in Bonn:

In the Rheinaue Park in Bonn, one of the largest markets in Germany is held annually. With approximately 1,500 vendors participating each year, they showcase their goods to around 200,000 visitors. The market spans an area of up to 160 hectares.

The collection includes children’s toys, kitchen utensils, clothing, and souvenirs, in addition to ceramics, jewelry, records, and rare books.

To access the market, click on this link.

  • Frankfurt’s Secondhand Goods Market:

The market includes antiques, souvenir gifts, and rare collections, as well as CDs and video games. It is held in Schönekinke in Frankfurt, and you can enter through this link.

  • Second-hand Goods Market in Stuttgart:

He works regularly every Saturday from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. The market includes small items of furniture and porcelain teapots, as well as old glasses, cameras, and accessories. It takes place in Karlsplatz, Stuttgart, and you can learn more about the market from here.

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  • Secondhand Market in Berlin:

Operates year-round, offering handbags, vintage clothing, antiques, music discs, as well as floor lamps and electrical goods, in addition to a diverse range of handmade clothing, colorful linens, and accessories, click here to enter.

  • Hannover’s Secondhand Market:

This market specializes in children’s necessities, ranging from clothing, toys, and strollers, to some electronic devices. To explore the market, you can click on this link.

Flohmarkt Termine” application is used to find second-hand markets in Germany

Flou Market Berlin

This application provides the opportunity to discover Flohmarkt markets in Germany. Flohmarkt is a marketplace for used and unused goods that are in good condition and offered at special prices. It enables users to track the locations in their city and stay updated on the dates when these markets will be launched.

This application includes a map through which you can connect to the destination you want to reach, which is close to your city. Additionally, it helps you explore the market and its goods, so you can determine if they align with your preferences or not.

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How to use the Flohmarkt Termine application

You can find nearby popular markets through two methods:

  • Activating the “GPS” feature will automatically display nearby markets from your location.
  • In the search box, type the name of the city you want to know about the popular markets held in it.

You will find all the details related to the markets, including the addresses, contact information, and operating hours. The application requires obtaining certain permissions, which are as follows:

  • Allow storage to upload and download all information on your device.
  • Your geographic location.
  • Constantly access the internet to download all necessary data and perform regular updates.
  • Respecting all the rights related to the application and obtaining approval for it.

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Common Questions about Flohmarkt in Germany

What is Flumarkt in Germany?

In Germany, there is a second-hand market that opens every Saturday or Sunday of each month, depending on the regional system. There, you can find everything you desire at very affordable prices.

What goods does Flomarkt Germany include?

All diverse and multiple goods that citizens need are provided at nominal prices and in good and excellent condition.

Can I sell on Flomarkt Germany?

Through registration and renting a space in the market, you can showcase the goods you want to present.

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