Why is Russia concerned about Germany’s support for Ukraine with the menacing Tauros missiles?

The German government is contemplating providing military assistance to Ukraine by supplying them with guided “Tauros” missiles. However, there is a disagreement within its political parties regarding this decision.

The “Taurus KEPD-350” missile is considered one of Germany’s latest weapon systems, weighing up to 1.4 tons and measuring five meters in length. It stands out for its ability to launch from aircraft and reach its pre-designated target at speeds approaching the speed of sound, flying at an altitude of approximately 35 meters above the ground, which renders it difficult to detect.

These missiles feature four advanced navigation systems, including a jam-resistant GPS system, terrain-referenced navigation techniques, and image sensing capabilities.

Germany is considering supplying Ukraine with “Taurus” missiles despite reservations

Why does Russia fear Germany's support for Ukraine with the menacing Taurus missiles?

Ukraine aims to utilize these missiles to strike Russian strategic targets behind the front lines, including the occupied Crimean Peninsula, and to destroy Russian command centers and supply routes.

Despite the Ukrainian military already receiving assurances from Britain and France about providing similar missile systems with shorter ranges, Germany remains cautious. It aims to avoid escalating the situation with Russia, which has expressed concerns about Ukraine obtaining advanced and powerful systems like the “Taurus” missiles.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz cautiously responded to reports about the delivery of “Taurus” missiles to Ukraine. In a summer interview on the second German TV channel ZDF on Sunday, August 13, 2023, Scholz affirmed that the German government is taking precision into account in every decision. He clarified that most Germans support this cautious approach.

He further mentioned that Germany is the second-largest supporter of Ukraine after the United States, pointing out the tanks, artillery, and air defense that it has already provided to Ukraine. Additionally, he noted the gratitude received from the Ukrainian president for sending two Patriot missile platforms.

On the other hand, Ukraine continued to exert pressure on the German government for the supply of “Taurus” missiles. In a statement to the newspaper “Bild am Sonntag,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba affirmed that Ukraine needs these missiles to protect more soldiers and civilians and to expedite the liberation of its territories.

From a technical standpoint, it is estimated that between 150 to 300 of the “Taurus” missiles in the German arsenal are ready for use, while the remainder requires maintenance.

The cost of each missile can reach up to a million euros. However, prior to delivery, it will be necessary to modify the missiles, developed by MBDA, to be compatible with Ukrainian aircraft. The current versions are designed for Tornado and Eurofighter aircraft.

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